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The WCBM is an international interdisciplinary joint conference, focusing on both theory and practice of new ideas and perspectives on interdisciplinary global business prosperity. Over 300 delegates from 20 countries will participate in the conference for an opportunity to hear and discuss fresh ideas about a new business paradigm, to share the latest knowledge, and to learn a view of the business of the future. The conference invites original contributions including research papers and posters on all topics related to global business and management. The Global Great Debate is a unique platform that seeks to build a bridge of understanding and discussion between Eastern (includes Oriental) and Western thinkers. The platform not only opens to everyone who would like to discuss a new paradigm of business with open-mind, but also offers an intellectual journey that brings the aspiration towards the Unity of Knowledge into your mind.

Global Business and
Finance Review (GBFR)

Co-Editors :
Francis A. Kwansa
Jeon-Gil Choi

The Global Business and Finance Review (GBFR) is a refereed journal published quarterly on March, June, September and December.
The primary objective of the journal is to provide a forum among academicians and practitioners to stimulate the exchange of ideas, information, and analysis in this emerging era of globalization. GBFR is an effective means of communication reflecting current trends where changing business functions result from the rapid development of new technologies, creation of new financial instruments and the rise of capitalism. The journal welcomes articles disseminating high quality applied research on domestic as well as international issues to further integrate theory and practice in all fields of business. Ideally, articles should be written in a clear, simplified style to facilitate access by a broad readership. GBFR also published analytical book reviews.
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